The Universal Design for Learning Project: Phase 2 (2019/20) was also made possible by funding from the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.

Phase 2 of the UDL Project focused on learning more about students’ accessibility challenges at the college — including physical, comprehension, financial, and infrastructure accessibility challenges, by engaging directly with members of our diverse student community. We engaged with students through both in-person Sharing Circles and an anonymous Online Form. T

he project team for Phase 2 included two student research partners; our planned outcomes from the project included reviewing students’ accessibility challenges from a UDL-based perspective to develop a learning tool and a new set of Student Personas, inspired by Camosun students’ stories.

The UDL Project | Phase 2 (2018/2019): Connecting with Camosun Students

An audio version of this message is also available

Dear Camosun College Students:

Do accessibility-related challenges impact your student life at college?

If so, we’d like to hear from you!

Accessibility challenges for students at college can be the result of a mismatch between what you need to succeed as a student and how components of college experiences and environments have been designed. If you cannot access things like information or services in the way they have been designed or provided, this may have created accessibility-related challenges for you.

Please check out the Accessibility Challenges section of this project website to find out how and when you could participate in this project and share your experiences with the UDL Project Team.

Opportunities to connect in person or online will be available from February 24 through March 16, 2020:

Thank you in advance, from this year’s UDL Project Team:

  • Sue Doner, Principle Investigator. Faculty, Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning.
  • Jennifer LeVecque. Faculty, Centre for Accessible Learning.
  • Shane Baker. Operations Assistant for UDL Project; Student in the Indigenous Studies Diploma Program.
  • Melissa Lyon. Operations Assistant for UDL Project; Graduate Student in VIU’s Master in Special Education.

Audio version of the 2019/2020 message (MP3):